Pleased to meet you, I am Lianne.

My career was flourishing. To the outside world, I seemed to have everything going for me. But when I came home at night I often thought: is this it? Do I see myself going on like this for another 10 years?

changemanager Heineken

At Heineken, I started in sales and continued moving upwards to become a change management consultant at Heineken International. Whenever Heineken wanted to implement a change anywhere in the world (for instance a new system, or new operational processes) I provided advice about what people need during these change processes.

strategy & operations

I conducted training sessions in the areas of change management, inclusive communication and stakeholder management. I also coached managers in their role as change leaders. My business experience came in handy when I worked at the head office: it enabled me to make the connection between strategy and operations.

In the meantime, I came up with a brilliant new business idea almost every week. For instance a coffee machine to use in your car, or a delivery service for frozen vegetarian meals. However, these always remained just ideas. Until I took part in a talent programme at Heineken myself…

helping others to change

The kick-off for this programme was hosted in a room of a hotel somewhere on the Veluwe National Park. During the introduction round, I looked at the two trainers in front of our group. I simply couldn’t believe they were getting paid to do this. BAM. I knew it there and then. Helping others to change, in total freedom. That is what I wanted. And so I started INTO THE NEW. The common thread in my work is facilitating behavioural change.

facilitating behavioural change? but how?

As a consultant, I provide large corporates with advice about change. I also work as a facilitator, trainer and coach. I am the in-house coach and trainer for several traineeships for young professionals, and it is my mission to make coaching more accessible, to allow more people to take charge of their (professional) lives. 

I love to work abroad. When I’m not travelling, I most enjoy cycling along the canals in Amsterdam. My number one core value is freedom. I completed several recognized coaching courses and I am addicted to books about personal development. And to going out for dinner. With wine and cheese.

I know better than anyone: self-knowledge and being in control of your (professional) life equals happiness and freedom!

online academy

Are you prepared to take action?

Discover once and for all what job suits you and start taking charge of your career. In the INTO THE NEW Academy you will find an online training course, specifically designed for you. You will get down to work on reasoning and analysing from the inside, out. Step by step. What exactly that means? I will teach you soon enough! In a secure environment, you will find inspiring videos, workbooks, tools and coaching assignments which you can do independently. Where and whenever you want. In your own time.

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