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INTO THE NEW has developed a tailor-made leadership programme for client Heineken, and was responsible for training and coaching during this programme, in co-creation with the client and fellow facilitators. A few times a year a new group starts, increasing their self-knowledge, learning how to deal with others and by doing so, increasing their impact within the Heineken organisation. Heineken firmly believes involving and developing the people they employ will lead to better operational results and a more appealing work environment.

By following the programme, participants learn how to seize opportunities when they occur. Self-awareness and understanding how to make their own decisions is a fundamental aspect in this. So are comprehension of personal values, individual drivers, and what makes them get up in the morning. In addition to increasing their self-knowledge, we pay a lot of attention to stakeholder management. The programme is developed based on learnings from positive psychology. Participants are constantly challenged to experiment, and encouraged to immediately apply their insights and skills. They rate the programme as being excellent.

An example of what a leadership programme could look like for your organisation:

the success of your employees becomes the success of your business.

some reviews

Wouter, 25

Lianne allows you to be fully in charge of your own coaching programme. She asked me constructive questions, that often made me figure out the solution to an issue myself. She also gave me useful assignments that helped me to be well-prepared for the next coaching session. I consider personal development (through coaching) to be an essential component, enabling me to make the right decisions in my career.

Suzan, 28

To me, the practical tips in preparation for job interviews were especially useful. Online sessions were pleasant, and did not feel as an obstacle in coaching. Lianne adjusts to your preferences. She is adaptive when it comes to practical issues, scheduling and coaching style. Lianne is approachable and during coaching, you have the liberty to decide for yourself what you want to work on.

Edo, 26

Thanks to coaching, I become increasingly aware of what path I want to take. It also shows me how to acquire the knowledge to be able to do so, without being constantly distracted by day-to-day work. As a coach, Lianne is empathic, she mainly asks questions to which I could find the answer within myself.  She gave me a sense of trust, which allows you to share things that are going on in your life without any inhibitions.

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