creating business value by people development.

Change is the common thread.

Helping people to become the best version of themselves. Together, we will turn plans and dreams into reality. INTO THE NEW builds the road to the desired result. In a positive way, we will look at what is already there, and allow that to prosper. True change occurs because of the people involved and their behaviour. Not through a plan in Excel. 

To be able to connect with others or the organisation, you must first find the connection with yourself.

You will attract and retain talented employees if you provide them with the right tools for personal development, because employees who know themselves and are in control of their personal growth will perform to the best of their abilities. That way, they will contribute to the strategy and purpose of the organisation.

The Transformation & Leadership Agency


talent development

INTO THE NEW develops tailor-made leadership programmes that will get the most out of your employees and will ensure more commitment and higher productivity. The strength of INTO THE NEW is found in the ability to speak the client’s language, without losing sight of the (business) result.

team development

INTO THE NEW helps teams to create an innovative, creative, and productive work environment. Ensuring more communication and better collaboration in the team. Employees will gain insight into the different talents and characteristics of people on the team, and will know how to apply those in the best way possible.

personal development

INTO THE NEW offers 1:1 coaching, for instance during traineeships and for corporates. Coaching helps employees to achieve goals like personal effectiveness, happiness, focus, confidence, and to find support while making career choices. Nothing spacey, but aimed towards taking steps and achieving results.

online academy

Make sure your employees feel valued and seen. More commitment, less turnover.

A talent programme or 1 on 1 coaching usually is something for the lucky few. How can you offer a similar experience to those employees who are not part of that small group? Allowing them the opportunity for personal development as well? To work on their soft skills, talents or to discover their purpose. Give them access to the Online Academy. By doing so, your staff and employees can work on their personal development in an accessible, efficient, and flexible way. Where and whenever they want.

Make sure your employees feel valued and seen. More commitment, less turnover.

some reviews

Kenneth Oudejans

Country Manager Benelux + France – Epidemic Sound
(Scale-up in the music business)

As a company, we wanted to better understand the various personalities on our team. We wanted more structure and of course, hear what we could improve in our organisation. Lianne had prepared a programme that delighted us. It gave us exactly the insight we needed!

The training uncovered that our way of work lacked structure. With Lianne’s help, we were able to apply the structure needed. Our team was incredibly happy with the personal insights and was very interested to find out how to manage the different characters on the team. In addition, the ability to recognize personal preferences in our (future) clients is something we still benefit from.

Next to the fact that the training was organised in a professional way, it was above all a lot of fun! It is wonderful that Lianne is still available for questions and tips, even after completing the training.

Kevin, 25


Through a personal approach, with the added theoretical background information, Lianne helped me achieve my goal. Our conversations were informal but earnest, with a dash of humour but above all warm. Lianne has the obnoxious ability to ask the right questions and ‘nudge’ you when needed, even when for some reason you are struggling with something. I thought this was a wonderful experience and it was the right approach for me. For someone like me, not always able to express myself the way I want to, it is great if someone is there to ask the right questions. It made me more self-aware.

Lianne makes you feel safe. She is attentive, playful, relaxed and a good person. Thanks to her professional experience, she can relate to work situations effortlessly, which does not come at the expense of the personal aspect in which she expresses a lot of empathy. Lianne is simply made for this profession. She is the best.

Online coaching using video calls turned out to be great for me, because it enabled us to be flexible in scheduling, while it was still ‘face to face’.

Kimra Morgownik

Manager Corporate Affairs – HEINEKEN

I hired Lianne to facilitate a Teambuilding session for a newly formed team, based on Insights Discovery.

The session was very well organised, and Lianne effortlessly sensed the team dynamic. People felt at ease and afterwards experienced a major sense of solidarity and understanding for each other. A great start for a great new team!

Lianne has extensive experience with different types of teams/departments and is passionate about her work. She is a good and adaptive coach who I would recommend wholeheartedly!

Claire Slootheer

Founder – Iconic Studios
(PR Agency)

I approached INTO THE NEW to help me and my team discover our strengths and how to collaborate in an even more effective, professional, and joyful way.

Lianne developed a tailor-made programme for us with individual intakes, a kick-off session, a team day and follow up. It is so special to see the results in the team, both on a personal and professional level.

One by one, we benefitted immensely!

Goals we have achieved:

  • We are now collaborating even better because we recognise, acknowledge, and harness each other’s preferences, talents, and values.
  • We are now communicating even better. We experience transparency and trust and provide each other with constructive criticism.
  • There is a positive and professional atmosphere, the team is proactive and shows entrepreneurial prowess.
  • And finally: commitment. We adhere to the agreements we made during the programme and that makes us enjoy and profit from it until this day.

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