creating business value by people development.

The only way to handle change is by embracing it. That is not a natural starting point for most people (or companies).

And yet, this is where the opportunity for growth lies. Providing employees with the right tools for personal development. To make sure they know what their abilities are, what choices they want to make and how to perform at their best. Doing so, they can make a more important contribution to the strategy and operational results of the organisation. 

This is where INTO THE NEW excels: working with professionals in a challenging and creative process that inspires people to get the best out of themselves and by doing so, getting the best out of their work.

blended learning

INTO THE NEW believes in the power of ‘blended’ learning: online and offline.

Online coaching and training is alternated with group sessions. This approach is efficient, flexible and impactful.

in English

INTO THE NEW coaches and trains as comfortable in English, as in Dutch.


INTO THE NEW develops Personal Leadership programmes and Young Professional programmes in co-creation with the client. The programmes are always tailor-made, in correlation with the culture and goal of the organisation.

self-awareness & communication

The goal of these programmes is to increase self-awareness and to improve the interaction with others. Afterwards, employees know more about themselves and about the way in which they are able to influence their (senior) colleagues more effectively. The success of your employees becomes the success of your company.

example leadership programme

Curious to know what a leadership programme could look like? Click here here for an example.

INTO THE NEW collaborates with a vast network of other professional trainers and coaches. The strength of our programmes can be found in the combination of speaking the client’s language while being appreciative of the (business) result. It is our second nature to quickly switch between the needs of participants and those of the organisation.

team development

Do you recognise this? One of those team days or courses that was pretty inspiring? But then after just a few weeks, you’re already slipping back into your old habits, thanks to the daily hustle and bustle?

The courses developed by INTO THE NEW ensure a long term contribution to operational results. Beforehand, we research the goals of the team and organisation to clarify the ambitions we want to work on.  

If you are just looking for an entertaining team outing, a round of paintball or bowling will prove to be more suitable.

everyone is responsible for the result

Our programme ensures improved collaboration, in which everyone will be responsible for the end result. It all starts with gaining insight into yourself. Without self-awareness, change will never happen. If subsequently, the insight arises that everyone is different and all people communicate in different ways, that realisation is priceless: mutual understanding will emerge and from that point on, all different talents will be applied in the best way possible.

After self-awareness and insight into the team, the training sessions could for instance continue by focussing on influencing methods and stakeholder management. It will increase the effectiveness of the entire team, both internally and externally. Eventually, it all comes down to improving performance. A well-designed programme contributes to the team and organisational goal.

improving collaboration & performance & prestaties

In the various training courses, we work on improving collaboration and performance, but we will also assign significant time to reflect on the changes and to create mutual understanding. To clarify who is great at what, so you are able to communicate in an effective and transparent manner.

personal development

Happiness. Energy. Self-confidence. Focus. Help to make decisions. Personal effectiveness. INTO THE NEW will provide support by continuously challenging people to take steps, by asking the right (and sometimes annoying) questions that result in gaining insight. Nothing spacey, but with a result-oriented approach. Never by telling how something should be done, but by encouraging employees to engage with and structure their thoughts.

the power of online coaching

Coaching sessions will almost always take place online, via a video call. Easy to schedule and yet, face to face.

INTO THE NEW focusses on a few specialisations within the area of personal development: young professionals, career changers, work satisfaction, professional growth, office politics, stakeholder management, communication and influencing.  

When a company understands the value of employing people who know who they are, the success of your employees will become the success of your business.

online academy

Discovery what job really suits you and take charge of your career.

You know you should take some steps. But before you know it, your job and daily life will consume all of your time again. In fact, you don’t really know where to start. This occurs when, as I call it, you are ‘reasoning from the outside, in’. So, you are plotting a job or vacancy onto yourself. I believe in doing it the other way around: look inside first, at your values and who you really are. At what you are really good at. Then, you will look for the conditions that would make a job fulfilling.

It does ask for some commitment. The INTO THE NEW Academy can help you with this.

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