K, 27

Lianne keeps referring to previous conversations to give you a ‘helicopter view’, and to show you where you are in relation to your goals. Lianne makes you think, helps you to ask the right questions and sometimes speaks from her own experience as a professional.

My experience with online coaching via Skype was great, it did not detract from the content offered.

Lianne helps people to reach their goals. There is nothing soft about that.

Karin Bax

Change manager Heineken International

I have worked very closely with Lianne on various global programmes within HEINEKEN International (e.g. the introduction of Global Business Services), on the change management strategy and approach, creating and implementing change management plans and interventions that maximise employee adoption and minimise resistance.

Lianne brings a lot of inspiration, energy and enthusiasm, and is particularly keen on the interpersonal side of change management: training and workshop design and delivery, community building, personal and team development and coaching.

She is a strong communicator, empathic and results oriented, able to work with all levels in the organisation.

She is a go-getter and challenger, keen to get the best out of herself and the people she works with, including her superiors. Lianne has a positive, can- do attitude and is absolutely great to work with.


Lianne offered me a sympathetic ear, which I needed in some situations. She helps me to put matters into perspective and she offers support when I need to make difficult decisions.

I thought she was unbiased and I appreciated her empathic skills. She gave me a sense of trust, something that is not always straightforward.

The conversations were informal but serious, with some humour but definitely also filled with warmth.


I was coached by Lianne as part of the soft skills programme during my traineeship. Her coaching gave me a lot of insight into how I can handle various situations at work, but it was also useful on a personal level. By talking about issues in your personal life, you will come across solutions or insights that you would otherwise not have found.

Lianne really has a very nice presence and there was a pleasant atmosphere during the video calls. I felt very much at ease. I was able to discuss things with her and she is a good listener. I appreciated the fact that she would never judge me, but she would ask why I am thinking something or why I am writing something down. It felt like she is very committed to your personal situation, which makes it fun to talk about when there is any progress. At the same time, she will bring up some very valid points that you can apply yourself.

As a coach, Lianne is empathetic. She mainly asked questions that allowed me to find the answer within myself.

Boudewijn Dekker, 31

I noticed that I was not always challenged at work. This prompted me – for once – to focus on myself: what do I like to do? What qualities do I have? What are the aspects of work that I would like in a (possibly new) role?

Through the conversations and tests I did with Lianne, I found out why I made certain choices in the past. I gained a much better understanding of the most essential questions you can ask yourself: Who am I? What do I want? What are my talents? As a result, I am now able to make choices that I fully support.

Lianne is very flexible and tailors her approach to your needs. For example, we did an Insights Discovery test, because we found out that I had communication difficulties in dealing with certain colleagues. In addition, there is a good personal touch in the conversations that I enjoyed. Finally, Lianne is very thoughtful and knows very well what we talked about last time or what happened between one conversation and another.

Lianne is cordial, thorough, and ensures that you find out for yourself what is best for you.

It majorly increased my self-awareness.

Nina, 25

The questions that were asked and the tips that were shared made me look differently at things and made me think about them. Doing so, I was more aware when handling certain situations. Coaching usually happened via Facetime. For me, it was a pleasant way to work together and it made everything easier because we were able to schedule sessions during work hours, while it still felt as personal as a face to face conversation. Lianne knows how to ask questions in a pleasant way, without being pushy. This encourages you to think about things from a different perspective, without feeling like you are being forced into that direction. Lianne is professional, but she is able to keep it light-hearted, something that is very important to me. It felt like I was talking to a friend, in a safe environment. I recommend Lianne as a coach because she has found a nice way to provide you with advice that you actually figure out on your own (with a little bit of assistance). And it all happens in a comfortable and safe environment.

Oftentimes, we spoke about understanding my own influence on specific situations.

Iris, 25

The goal of coaching during my traineeship: getting to know and to develop yourself even better. I wanted someone to hold a mirror to me. That mirror was definitely held up! Many times, we spoke about understanding my own impact on a specific situation or how I should handle it. She also knew, in a very laid-back fashion, to touch a nerve and subsequently give me solid advice based on her own experience. Critical, with a dash of humour. Lianne is a powerhouse, sympathetic ear, warm personality and definitely not afraid to share her opinion. I really got to know myself better through her coaching! I thought a classic phone call while I took a walk outside was a great coaching method for me.

Dominique, 37


Coaching goal: future prospects and to clarify what kind of work suits me. Coaching by Lianne helped me gain insight into my values and talents, and to connect these with a (future) job that suits me. It was great that I was able to be myself and by doing so I truly embarked on a journey of exploration. Lianne joins you on this journey by listening very well and by utilising this to ask the right questions at that moment. Visualising, actually writing things down and physically working with these values was most effective for me. Lianne is an exceptional listener, asks the right questions, radiates tranquillity and creates an environment that makes you feel comfortable. Lianne knows what she is talking about. She has the required knowledge and skills, and is able to effectively sense where people are coming from. Lianne is a considerate and pleasant coach!

I benefitted most from the examples and techniques Lianne contributed at all times.

L, 33

My coaching goal was to improve my negotiation skills and to be succinct and to the point. To improve my negotiation skills, we first explored what I struggled with. Lianne helped me to look at the situation from the right angle, to put it into perspective and after that: to decide on a strategy that worked out! When it comes to being succinct and concise, we first worked on awareness and then took some steps. Lianne listens very well, the conversations are laid-back and they flow smoothly, which made me kick into action. This natural way of having a conversation was effective and it was a great experience for me. 

Lianne knows how to ask questions without being pushy, which makes you look at issues from a different angle.

Matthias, 31


In every session, we managed to identify a roadblock. Usually, we then discussed overcoming inhibitions that originated in insecurity. I benefitted most from the examples and techniques that Lianne supplied at every turn. She explains very well. Driven, explorative and sincerely interested. Lianne is the real deal. Authentic conversations and honest advice, without judgement or any strings attached. Online coaching: the first time it needed a little getting used to. After our last conversation, however, I didn’t feel like one coaching method was better than the other. When talking to Lianne, it is just as nice to talk using Skype. 

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