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Leading self:

tailor-made personal leadership programmes where participants learn to become the boss of their career. “The Next Level” programme will unlock the potential of your employees and will ensure more engagement, well-being, and higher productivity/employee retainment.

Leading others:

managing teams is hard. Especially when it is the first time. But people don’t leave their company, they leave their manager. The “Level Up” programme will help your (FirstTime) managers to lead others after they’ve learnt how to lead themselves. For improved productivity ánd well-being. Ensuring more communication, fun, and better collaboration in the team.

Leading change:

Yes change is hard. Change is the only constant. 70 % of change programs fail. Line managers are important in the transformation to lead change. Etc. etc.
But HOW!? The “Transformers” programme will improve the change management skills/ capabilities in your organisation by learning (line) managers how to translate organisational transformation to their teams. To make it practical. Learning how to prepare, equip and support their team during change.

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